A plant based gut health supplement for high performance horses

A whole-plant gut health supplement for high performance horses

As a nongelling product PhyteQuine™ will not interfere with other Medications or Nutrition absorption.




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About our Parent Company

Health Food Symmetry™ began its journey in March 2020 , with a goal to manufacture a new option of dietary fibre for the food industry from sugarcane. Why sugarcane ? It could be because sugarcane actually has a strong history of health benefits when the whole plant is considered and not just the sugar.

Health Food Symmetry™ manufacturing process produced functional prebiotic fibre that maintains the integrity of the phytonutrients in the source plant. The process is chemical-free and produced a product that was high in bio-actives as well as fibre.

Note: PhyteQuine™ is a “Functional Supplement”, delivering additional and enhanced benefits over and above basic nutritional value.

This means that PhyteQuine “FEEDS-FIXES-FORTIFIES”.


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Proudly Australian Made and owned.

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100 days’ supply per horse if use at the recommended serving size.
(2 x 20g serves per day per horse)

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50 days’ supply per horse if use at the recommended serving size.
(2 x 20g serves per day per horse)

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NEW PhyteQuine F4kg
NEW PhyteQuine F2kg
NEW PhyteQuine F4kg



Jarrod Austin/Horse Trainer

I have 2 horses currently using the above product, Zambezi River and a 2yo filly by Highland Reel x Cruz By.

Zambezi River has been on the product since he first came into the stable. He is doing very well and is a picture of health.

The Highland Reel filly was a bad doer but has responded well with this product and is eating a lot better.

I have been pleased with both horses.

I have attached some photos of droppings of Zambezi River, ( 1st attachment) and also of Vindication. “great green colour, no blood to be seen (no ulcers)”

image000000 (1)

Carla Flint

I started using Phytequine for my horses after my daughter, who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, noticed a dramatic improvement in her health after using the human version of Phytequine (KFibre). I ordered my first batch of Phytequine in early September 2023 and have been using it ever since. In early October I purchased a stock horse mare who was in terrible condition, when she arrived she was very underweight, had a dull coat, was so anxious she could not be hard tied and was basically hysterical and refusing food etc. In desperation I gave her a B Vitamin injection (she broke the lead rope and jumped all over me when I tied her up to administer the injection) and I also gave her some stress paste and had to coax her to eat with molasses. At feed time she was anxious, pawing the ground, pacing around, kicking her feed bin over and basically a very unhappy horse that was terrified of any human contact. I had to secure her feed bin because it was constantly being upended and kicked around with constant pawing at the ground.

I immediately started her on my herd nutrition plan to which I have added 20g of Phytequine twice a day for each horse in my herd. Vegas has been on my nutrition plan for just under 3 months (after picture) which is very simple, it includes Balanced Equine supplements, Lupins, Speedi beet, salt, toxin binder, small amount of cod liver oil and an in feed product called Think Free Liquid for insect control. In a space of less than 3 months Vegas is a new horse, she looks amazing, her coat is beautiful (I do not rug as our climate is way too hot in FNQ) but more importantly she has settled right down, she eats well, she no longer paws the ground at feed time and I do not need to secure her feed bin, she has stopped pacing and being agitated and overall is a much happier horse. I cannot believe the difference in Vegas, she is like a new animal and I am sure she feels better as well as looks better.

I love Phytequine, all my horses are on this product and have been since early September, I am a big believer in the importance of gut health and of course Vegas has been properly fed and looked after but I am sure that Phytequine has had a lot to do with this success based on the difference my daughter said the human version made to her gut health.

I believe Phytequine is a good value for money product, I like that it is locally made and owned and it certainly is a daily inclusion in my diets and I have recommended it to others.

Vegas pictured when she arrived and after (a little short of 3 months).

Dave Ulyatt, Tumut NSW

After recently using PhyteQuine for the first time, Blaze is doing a lot better, looks better and behaving a lot better too, will definitely order more.


Horse Coliban Strawberry

This is the best stuff. My nervous rodeo mare has completely changed since I started PhyteQuine. My last rodeo she headbutted me in the face from nerves, has refused to enter the arena for 12 months.

Since we’ve started PhyteQuine we now enter the arena calmly, placed 4th two weeks ago, today she placed 1st.

We purchased from Sargents!

Coliban Strawberry PhyteQuine

Jenny Dalbosco

I would just like to thank you so much for suggesting I put my horse who suffers stomach ulcers on PhyteQuine™ . She was scoped and had ulcers present in 2017 and after initial treatments with omeprazol, I tried various ulcer preventatives which seemed to only work for a whlie. She has now been on PhyteQuine™ for approximately 12 months and a recent scope has shown her to be clear of ulcers and a healthy gut. Her anxiety levels have definetly dropped and the distention she once had in the flank area is no longer there. I give her a heaped tablespoon in a small feed morning and night, with no other ulcer meds and this seems to be working a treat.

Peter Carcary

Horse – Incredible C

I first started to add the product to Ali’s feed along with the rest of her stablemates Christmas Eve, 2022 Since then, I have noticed a distinct difference in her stable manner, travel habits, and general work routine She travels much calmer in the truck now and is extremely relaxed in the stable at all times prior to this, she used to be quite agitated whilst travelling Her performance in the competition ring this year has been nothing short of consistent and quite outstanding with her, placing in all her championship events that she has been in this year.

Janie Carcary

I started both my horses on PhyteQuine a few weeks ago and have noticed a difference in their behaviour they seem calmer and happier.
My stallion at a dressage competition would normally be walking the box by the second day of being locked up this time he did not , he seemed happier and more relaxed.
Both their coats seem shinier too.
Highly recommend this product for what it does on the inside in the gut as well as what we see on the outside.

Ava Peterson

Improvement was obvious!

I had two client horses which were easily agitated and unable to add weight. After three and a half weeks of PhyteQuine these horses were gaining weight, calmer, easier to work, heads down in the working pen. The improvement is really obvious. Now all our horses are on PhyteQuine.” Eric Wisehart is a professional cutting horse trainer and competitor and now PhyteQuine fan. Eric has joined Ava and Dr. Joe Peterson for PhyteQuine distribution in the U.S. Western riding community.05/23