PhyteQuine Medium Transparent White BG Small Padding

A plant-based gut health supplement for high-performance horses…and those not so much!

Directions for use:

Recommended rates as below per day with wet feed. 20g standard minimum for the following twice a day:

  • For horses in full training and competition.
  • For horses that are stabled or with diminished access to pasture.
  • Weanlings and Pregnant & Lactating Mares

While we recommend 20g twice daily, our safety trials show that up to 300g daily show no ill effects.


100% Sugarcane Fibre (95% Sucrose removed) which has a composition of < 87% fibre. The other 13% is made up of natural waxes, minerals, vitamins and plants sterols.

Australian Made and Owned.

  • Normal digestion and balanced gut health are the cornerstones of your horse’s temperament, training and performance.

  • PhyteQuine feeds performance from the inside out.

  • No added preservatives or chemical stimulants.

  • Feeds your horses diverse microbiome populations.

  • Shelf stable, but keep out moisture.

As a non-gelling product PhyteQuine™ will not interfere with other Medications or Nutrition absorption. PhyteQuine™ is a “Functional Supplement”, delivering additional and enhanced benefits over and above basic nutritional value.

Proven to be safe feed for horses:

  • Feeding trials, David Bryne of Baldiivis Vets WA
  • 4 horses – 300g per day per horse split between night and day feeds over a 4 week period

After the four weeks, PhyteQuine™ has then been used in the evening feeds of around six horses regularly, generally when they have come into work, whilst in work and when their hard feed was increased. An improvement in their eating patterns and general health was observed.

Non-GMO and Pesticide Free PhyteQuine™ is certified non-GMO and is tested in the field before and during harvest and after processing for pesticides. PhyteQuine™ Spec is <LOR or Nil-detection of agricultural residues including all pesticides and herbicides

Analysis on sugarcane has revealed an astonishing amount of Silica (Si) Analysis documentation available upon request. One (1) serve of Kfibre™ (15g) contains 520mg of plant Silica